Lighthouse Event

International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend

From: 2oth August 2016 Until: 21st August 2016
Days: Saturday Sunday
Venue: Dovercourt Bay Lights M0MTY
Contact: Monty, Dovercourt, email

Saturday 20th August – Sunday 21st August

00:01HRS on SAT 20/08/2016 – 48:00HRS on SUN 21/08/16

Detailed Information:

International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend 48hr on air mobile/radio station – an international event followed by radio operators and fans all over the world.

From on air call sign M0MTY MIKE ZERO MIKE TANGO YANKEE / lic. radio operator member RSGB
Ref. Monty

Radio Association of GB. International Lighthouse Lightship week end.

Special events / on air [HF band] lighthouse to lighthouse contact [ 400+ lighthouses internationally participating].

My entry ref is – Entrants List 2016 England M0MTY Dovercourt Bay Lights.

Mobile radio truck LR military classic airportable 88.

On air chat

Dovercourt Bay Lights on air M0MTY.